“My son slipped and fell with my work computer and I was very upset and had to have a solution very quickly. I proceed to call Chad Garber and within a few hours the problem was resolved. I highly recommend Chad and his company when your in a computer bind.”

Jonathan Lucas

“You are a pleasure to work with: responsive, diligent, and dedicated. I have worked with Chad over the last seven years and he has built three great sites for me. I highly recommend Garber Consulting, and look forward to continuing our partnership. You rock my friend!”

Kit Cummings

“Garber Consulting has been phenomenally helpful to me in so many ways: web site design and maintenance, large volume email system, general technical support, and more.”

Douglas Jacoby

“Garber Consulting has always done excellent work for me.  Whether it was hardware or software related, Chad has always been able to service my issues in a timely and efficient manner.”

Neil Rappaport

“Garber Consulting, specifically Chad Garber, has been a big help in helping to fine tune and optimize my computer. Chad is persistent and tenacious and keeps at it until the job is done. Garber consulting has been instrumental in making sure that [my] computers are secure and operating at their peak ability.”

Anthony Sisco


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